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I'm having a site done in wordpress with some 10 pages. I'll need to save it, the whole site with the links working for offline use every time i update the content. Now what am doing is save each page then link everything etc.. but i want to do this programing.. so i dont have to do manually or are there any tools or class already?

UPDATE: I'm downloading for creating a offline documentation kind of stuff, which will be distributed on CD's so links should be relative.

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Use wget, check the -k option

  -k,  --convert-links      make links in downloaded HTML point to local files.

Reference: http://www.linuxask.com/questions/mirror-a-web-site-using-wget

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worked really great... thanx!!!! –  esafwan Sep 18 '10 at 17:04

If you set the links to a relative path (eg href="/foo/bar.html"), this can be accomplished.

Otherwise, I suggest setting up Apache or IIS on your local machine to be your test environment, and upload it to the web server when your code is ready for production.

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