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I was reading the answer to the question here and the wording was a bit confusing. I shortened the sentences to focus on my question

  • First preDispatch() is called for instances of Zend_Controller_Plugin_Abstract...
  • init() of the Zend_Controller_Action is called next...
  • The controller's preDispatch() method is called here...

Does that mean that in the controller itself, init code runs first before the preDispatch code?

There's a preDispatch that runs first but it's not for controller code, just for code that may exist in any outside plugins, correct?

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init runs before preDispatch, init is short for initialisation (or initialization if you're American).

So it runs first to initialisation anything you might need later in the Controller


Indeed, the init runs before preDispatch. A complete flow of events is visualized in this diagram:

For me it was very useful to understand the complete Zend Framework frontcontroller structure.


Just add an init() method to your own action helper, which hooks into your controller init(), either way you can utilize the init() before preDispatch().


If you want to understand with video tutorial, you can follow this link.


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