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I'm using the Rails Plugin CanCan to handle permissions checks.

I have the following in ability.rb:

def initialize(user, projectid_viewing) 
 user ||=
 if projectid_viewing == 8
  can :manage, :all
  can :read, :all  

The projectid_viewing is being sent from:

class ProjectsController < ApplicationController
 before_filter :prepareCanCan, :only => [:show, :edit]
  def prepareCanCan
   @project = Project.find(params[:id])  
  projectid_viewing =

I have the 8 hardcoded above for testing purposes. and for some reason it isn't working at the if statement, did I do that statement incorrectly? It's always allowing for can: manage

I have the Project's controller logging, so I know that the value the controller is setting to projectid_viewing is 8.


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I'm trying to understand… Depending on the project, all user can edit it, or can edit all models? If it's the project only, I would try:

def initialize(user) 
  user ||=
  can :manage, Project do |project| == 8
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