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Is there a way to test if a convenience variable has been set in gdb?

For example:

(gdb) if $_exitcode == 0
Invalid type combination in equality test.
(gdb) p $_exitcode
$1 = void

$_exitcode is void because it is not set until the program terminates. The closest available construct is init-if-undefined, but this would require setting the variable to some sentinel value and testing against that.

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Im having the same problem.. you can't check if a variable has been set or not as far as I know in GDB.. you could run it through python, probably, and have the whole script run that way, but I am unsure of it the python scripts in GDB are persistent or running all the time. You could do something like..

init-if-undefined $_exitcode = 1
if $_exitcode == 0
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Since normal process exit code is somewhere in between 0 and 255, I suggest following:

init-if-undefined $_exitcode = -1
if ($_exitcode != -1)
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