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A good starting point for an own project is to take a look at other code for the same field of problem. So which java-games in open-source you would recommend for a look in the source? Which game helps best to learn some techniques for creating games especially in the Java-environment?

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FreeCol - based on Sid Meier's Colonization.

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I even played FreeCol before, but it didn't came to my mind, that I could use it as an example. Thanks for the hint. –  Mnementh Dec 19 '08 at 13:03

This doesn't directly answer your question, but if you ever decide you want to try writing a game in JavaFX, the JavaFX site has a bunch of sample code, including a couple of games (as of current writing).

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Thanks for this reference, it looks interesting. –  Mnementh Dec 19 '08 at 13:03

I wonder if http://sourceforge.net/projects/creepsmash/ would be a good choice. It was built by a team of computer science students in order to simulate a "real" commercial-style project. Thus, they used things like version control, build tools, and unit testing. Probably a better project to learn from then most, since that was its purpose. Yet the game is rather entertaining and plenty of people play it for fun. Not sure how much of its documentation is in English, though.

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It would help if you specified what kind of game you want to build - game type and whether you want to go 2d or 3d.

But to answer your question: have a look at the Lightweight Java Game Library (http://lwjgl.org/) There is a list of projects on their web site of which some are open source.

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You could look at Jake 2 which is a reimplementation of the Quake 2 engine in Java. This could be a good starting point for a 3D game.

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You could do worse than using Wyvern as an example. There's an added bonus that you are starting with something that comes largely from the mind of Steve Yegge.

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Link is expired. –  weberc2 Jan 6 at 5:51

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