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I am doing like that:

 @SET /p filecontent= < somefile.txt
 @echo %filecontent%

however filecontent variable does not seem to hold the contents of the file somefile.txt

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What do you hope to do with the content? There are probably better ways of doing this. –  crazyscot Sep 19 '10 at 10:51
somefile.txt is a one-line file containing password which I do not want to hardcode in every makefile –  Vitaly P Sep 19 '10 at 10:56

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Simply ensure somefile.txt is in acceptable nmake syntax, and then !include it. Thus:

c:>type somefile.txt
c:>type makefile
!INCLUDE somefile.txt
!MESSAGE Password is [$(PASSWORD)]
c:>nmake -nologo
Password is [secret]
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You could try something like this:

# ---- vitaly.mak ----

# create and invoke a temporary cmd file
 @echo off
 @SET /p filecontent= < secret.txt
 @echo %filecontent%

#--- END ---

I think a cmd/bat file run within nmake.exe cannot affect the environment of nmake. So you must use the password that you grabbed from the secret.txt within the temporary cmd file.

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It is possible to read a file that is not a valid nmake file using !INCLUDE. For examle if we have a version file version that contains a single line of text we can do that:

//version file

!INCLUDE <version>

It is not working if the file contains more than one line.

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