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My current attempt to browse the JDT source code in eclipse:

  • installing Eclipse Helios RCP version.
  • importing all plugins from installation as binary files into my workspace

It does not work.

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You can follow Vogella's "Eclipse Source Code - Tutorial", especially the section "Import Plugins"

how you can import Eclipse plugins from your Eclipse installation to review the code.
The Eclipse distribution contains the source code for the core Eclipse projects, e.g. JDT.
For other Eclipse projects you usually find a "SDK" bundle on the project update side which contains the source code.

To avoid "pollution" of your existing workspace, switch to a new workspace and select File -> Import. Select "Plug-ins and Fragments".

alt text

Make the following settings.
Select "Binary projects". In Binary project you can read the source code but you cannot change it. They will also not be compiled therefore this setting will save memory and performance.

alt text

Add all plugins you would like to import and press "Finish".

alt text

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Thats exactly what I did in the second step. –  Skiy Sep 19 '10 at 19:42

Install the "Eclipse SDK" feature from the Eclipse Project Updates update site: enter image description here

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