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I need to redirect a url for a user role.

URL From:


User Role: example-admin

So, when a user (example-admin role) login to admin panel with the url , he will not see Access Denied page, but redirected to content/filter as default login url.

Appreciate helps! Thanks a lot!

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If you want to do it from code in a custom module, you could implement hook_menu_alter() and adjust the access callback function to use a custom override:

function yourModule_menu_alter(&$items) {
  // Override the access callback for the 'admin' page
  $items['admin']['access callback'] = 'yourModule_admin_access_override';

In that override, you perform the standard access check and return the result, but add the check for the specific role and redirect instead, if needed:

function yourModule_admin_access_override() {
  global $user;
  // Does the user have access anyway?
  $has_access = user_access('access administration pages');
  // Special case: If the user has no access, but is member of a specific role,
  // redirect him instead of denying access:
  if (!$has_access && in_array('example-admin', $user->roles)) {
    drupal_goto('admin/content/filter');  // NOTE: Implicit exit() here.
  return $has_access;

(NOTE: Untested code, beware of typos)

You will have to trigger a rebuild of the menu registry for the menu alteration to be picked up.

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You should consider using the Rules module ( ). Rules module allows you to issue redirects on login to an arbitrary URL. You can also check for conditions like the role of the User before issuing the redirect.

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