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we have to develop a commercial video streaming application for iPhone & within that app we are planning to integrate additional searching functionality for Google Video & You Tube. I want to know following points,

  1. Where can i find the Google video API & You Tube API ?
  2. Will there be any legal issue on Google Video & You Tube video integration on commercial products, Form whom we have to the approval? Is there any standard procedure on this
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Aside from the API question, legal issues are beyond the scope of this site. –  Brad Larson Sep 19 '10 at 22:25

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You are allowed to do this but there are some restrictions

Take a look at the Terms of Service Point 1.2 Commercial Usage and Using the YouTube APIs to Build Monetizable Applications (too much to include in this answer)

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Objective-C APIs for Google services are at http://code.google.com/p/gdata-objectivec-client/

YouTube provides an API, including video searches; Google Video does not.

Google APIs are intended for use in commercial applications, but carefully read the YouTube FAQ and the associated terms of services documents.

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