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Hello I am using jQuery UI Accodions

By default, the first accordion is shown and other are hidden. I would like to hide all the accordions by default until the user clicks it.

How do I do that ?

Thank You

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This code should accomplish this

$( ".selector" ).accordion({ active: false });
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This is the updated code to accomplish the appropriate.

$( ".selector" ).accordion({active: false , collapsible: true});

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Why is the collapsible argument required? Updated version? ifso what version? – EWit Sep 12 '14 at 15:14
by default collapsible is false. so its the first accordion active. to hide all accordion we need to set collapsible true – asimshahiddIT Nov 22 '14 at 5:29
you don't need collapsible to be true to hide all of the tabs at the start. @EWit BUT you do need collapsible to be true to collapse an open one, once any of them have been opened. – InfernalRapture Aug 31 '15 at 20:34

"Setting active to false will collapse all panels. This requires the collapsible option to be true."

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