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In a Java project (SWT desktop app), I want to inform the user about events through animated notification box (actually, it's not required to be animated). Something like MSN or any other IM client.

There is JToaster for Swing, but I wonder if there isn't any other implementation based on SWT.


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The MyLyn plugin for Eclipse does this. Since it's open source, maybe you can check the MyLyn code to see how it's done there?

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I started a Github repository to expose MyLyn-notifications to non-Eclipse-applications: github.com/ifischer/MylynNotifier. Its currently just a proof of concept. Contributions welcome (don't know when I find some time to extend it). – ifischer Jun 19 '12 at 19:18

If you want to create SWT-based System notifications, this is the best resource to start with:


The author creates real System notifications which are stackable and fade out nicely.

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Check the BallonWindow from Novocode, it does something similar to what you need, without delving deep into an open source project. It is not animated, but it does show a notification as a separate window with an irregular background.

I have a blog post that explains its usage.

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