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<div class="content">       
    <div class="tlcontent"> 
        <div class="sideon" id="sideline0"> 

        <div class="trackon" id="trackline0">

        <div class="sideon" id="sideline1"> 

        <div class="sideon" id="sideline2">

i need a function that check the next element in the dom and get the classname. For example, if i get sideline0, the function will return "trackon" (classname of the next element). If i get sideline1, it must return "sideone" and so on..

any idea? cheers

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I can't see your code, can you try to edit and mark it as a code block so the HTML brackets aren't eaten? – babtek Sep 19 '10 at 14:25
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You can use next() and attr like this:


Since you have not mentioned an event, here is sample code for click event of those divs (you can modify as per your needs):

$('.tlcontent > div').click(function(){
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How 'bout:

var clz = $('#sideline0').next()[0].className;

Live example: http://jsbin.com/esofu3 (in that example, I gave next the parameter "div" to say I only wanted to look at divs — handy if you want to skip chaff, but not necessary with your sample code).

That uses next to get the next element, and then boring old JavaScript and DOM to get the reflected version of the class attribute. (Or you can use jQuery's attr to retrieve the class attribute instead if you prefer, as babtek suggested.)

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Using #sideline0 as the example element, this should get you the class value of the next DOM element:

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It's hard to tell for your specific example because your code is hidden (put 4 spaces before each line so the software reads it as code). However, in general, you can get the classname of the next DOM element as follows:

var className = $('#sideline0').next().attr('class');
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here is a working example http://jsfiddle.net/yCqkC/

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