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Here's what I did:

  1. I've opened a C++ Builder 6 - project in C++ Builder 2009.
  2. Auto-converted it to a C++ Builder 2009 project.
  3. Told it (C++ Builder 2009) to build everything.

Here's what it did:

  1. Successfully compiled everything.
  2. Failed to complete ILINK32, exiting with

    "Error: Unresolved external '_CG_DESC' referenced from MyProjectsFirstFile.obj".
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It looks like a Code Guard error. Try deleting all the object (.obj) files and rebuilding the entire project.

If this still does not work, then turn off the Code Guard option in C++Builder 6 and try importing the project again.

You may also want to try the CodeGear/Embarcadero Discussion Forums.


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Never let the IDE auto-upgrade a project from an old version. It never works correctly. Instead, always create a new project fresh and add your existing source files to it as needed.

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