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I want read only excel sheet after creating it using poi HSSF. Please help, thanks in advance.

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A detailed description can be found here: http://systeminetwork.com/article/locking-cells-hssf

Basically you have to assign your cells a custom CellStyle with CellStyle.setLocked(true)


Hi Gaurav, here is the complete and working code:

HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook();
HSSFSheet sheet = workbook.createSheet("sheet1");
/* password required for locks to become effective */

/* cell style for locking */
CellStyle lockedCellStyle = workbook.createCellStyle();
/* cell style for editable cells */
CellStyle unlockedCellStyle = workbook.createCellStyle();

/* cell which will be locked */
Cell lockedCell = sheet.createRow(0).createCell(0);
lockedCell.setCellValue("Hi, I'm locked...");

/* unlocked cell */
Cell unlockedCell = sheet.createRow(1).createCell(0);
unlockedCell.setCellValue("Just edit me...");

OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("sample.xls");
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Thanks Thomas... but its not working for me rather I tried sheet.protectSheet(password), this is working. But may i know any method which can make the particular cell read only. –  Gaurav Sep 19 '10 at 18:30
Hi Gaurav, I just edited the answer to include a complete code example. –  Thomas Weber Sep 21 '10 at 22:55

Here is some tested code that works in making the specific cell readonly. Based on your comment in @Thomas Weber's answer.

This sets an initial value in a cell, then it uses a data constraint to ensure that fixed value cannot be modified by the user in Excel. Try it out.

HSSFWorkbook      workBook = new HSSFWorkbook ();
HSSFSheet         sheet1    = workBook.createSheet();

HSSFRow row1 = sheet1.createRow(10); 
HSSFCell cell1 = row1.createCell(0);
cell1.setCellValue("text: The new line which should be locked"); // SETTING INITIAL VALUE

HSSFCell displayNameCell = cell1;

String[] displayNameList = new String[]{"text: The new line which should be locked"}; //ADDING SAME VALUE INTO A STRING ARRAY AS THE RESTRICTED VALUE 

DVConstraint displayNameConstraint = DVConstraint.createExplicitListConstraint(displayNameList);

CellRangeAddressList displayNameCellRange = new CellRangeAddressList(displayNameCell.getRowIndex(),displayNameCell.getRowIndex(),displayNameCell.getColumnIndex(),displayNameCell.getColumnIndex());

HSSFDataValidation displayNameValidation = new HSSFDataValidation(displayNameCellRange,displayNameConstraint);

displayNameValidation.createErrorBox("Not Applicable","Cannot change the value");


  // Write the output to a file
     FileOutputStream fileOut1 = new FileOutputStream("D:\\book.xls");

This code is based on this thread http://osdir.com/ml/user-poi.apache.org/2009-07/msg00056.html

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new File("/path/to/file.xls").setReadOnly();
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