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Hi am building a several symfony pages on the same domain. Note that they must be on the same domain as different folders: www.domain.com/[project1]/ www.domain.com/[project2]/ www.domain.com/[project3]/ www.domain.com/[project4]/

i would like the same symfony installation for these sites . Is this done easily? do i need symlinks to symfony in lib/vendor or use .htacess for each project?

i see an issue with the virtual host that must show the alias and directory for each project?

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Sounds like you're on the right track:

  1. Replace lib/vendor/symfony with symlinks, if you really want to share the library
  2. For each project, in httpd.conf Alias projectN /path/to/projectN/web

And you ought to be good to go. No need for virtualhosts, since they're all running under the same domain.

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