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I'm using xml-rpc.net to access an e-commerce site (php) from an c# application. The code:

String[] fooResourcesReturn = FoobarProxy.resources(fooLoginReturn);

returns the following XmlRpcTypeMismatchException:

response contains struct value where string expected (as type String) [response : array mapped to type String[] : element 0]

The problem is that the method resources returns an array but I cannot figure out its type. I've used string[] but obviously that's not correct. Here's the def for resources:

    String[] resources(String sessionId);
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Have you figured this out? #1 You want to match your structure to the response. If you use a struct like

public struct ResourcesResult{
   public string[] resources;

it should work assuming the return has an array element called resources with string values.

Please let me know if you've resolved it. We can talk some more.

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