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HI, I'm getting following linker error when I compile my program with VS2008 solution which is created with CMake for my wxwidgets based application.

*error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol main referenced in function __tmainCRTStartup*

but, same program I'm able to compile with normal VS2008 solution which is not created with CMake.

Following is cmakelists.txt file content


cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)







set(BOOST_ROOT "E:/boost_1_38_0")

FIND_PACKAGE( Boost 1.38.0 REQUIRED unit_test_framework )

SET(wxWidgets_ROOT_DIR "E:/wxWidgets-2.9.0")

find_package(wxWidgets COMPONENTS aui html adv core xml base REQUIRED)


ADD_EXECUTABLE(browser BrowserApp.cpp BrowserApp.h BrowserMain.cpp BrowserMain.h )

TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(browser common ${wxWidgets_LIBRARIES} )


I'm trying to make my application run across platforms using CMake build system.

Any help is appreciated.


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Indent code with four spaces to get monospace_font. – Jack Kelly Sep 19 '10 at 21:06
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Do you need to make it a Win32 executable by using the following add_executable line?

add_executable(browser WIN32 BrowserApp.cpp BrowserApp.h BrowserMain.cpp BrowserMain.h)

Also, if you're using a reasonably recent CMake, you don't have to use ALL_CAPS_EVERYWHERE anymore.

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It worked for me. Thanks a lot. – harik Sep 20 '10 at 4:34

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