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I am using MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter in Spring MVC to automatically serialize objects like this:

@RequestMapping(value="/*/getAccount", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public Account getAccountAction() {
    Account account = accountService.getAccount();
    return account;

Is it possible to configure which properties of the object are serialized? In my example, Account has 3 collections as properties and serializing all these contents would result in a huge object tree. Here I only want to return the flat object.

Sincerely, Erik

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Did you already try to use the Jackson Annotations?

There is the Annotation @JsonIgnoreProperties that can be used to ignore a given list of properties for serialization on class level and there is @JsonIgnore to mark properties to ignore for serialization on field level.

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Yes, what I already wrote. – Erik Sep 21 '10 at 11:50

I could figure it out: Configure Jackson with annotatons, it is described in detail in the Jackson configuration.

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