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Background: I have an image intensive app that was originally made for iPhone and upgraded to iPad using "two device-specific applications." So now, all of my resources are common to both, except the interfaces which are unique to each iPad and iPhone.

Problem: My problem is now I have a set of images that I want to display at the full screen width of each device, and animate in some cases. For the iPhone, I've created a copy of all images that have been downsized to 320x320 for memory and performance. For the iPad, I have the original image sizes bc of image quality.

Question: I want to know if theres a way to copy in the higher quality image folder into the iPad Resources section and leave the lower quality image folder in the iPhone Resources section. The folders with images are named "Set 1" thru "Set 20" and are accessed from the code as such. Is there any way to keep both a higher quality image set and lower quality image set within the same project and keep the folder names the same for both? Any help is MUCH appreciated

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I have separate CSS files both called web.css that I have copied into each the main project folder and into the Resources-iPad folder and I have no problem. But when I go to copy a new Set 1 to the iPad Resources I get an error. – ElChico Sep 19 '10 at 22:06

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