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Am able to load and call the functions but I would like to reload the file after making some corrections.

Cant find either an unload or reload function?

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Just use load again.

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Unloading is not really possible. It is for example possible to delete a package and thus remove its definitions. But other references to a symbol of that package might still exist.

The typical way to deal with that is to load a file again, as Vijay Mathew mentioned.

It might be helpful that the file loaded is written in such a way that reloading is possible.

A few remarks on reloading:

  • functions/macros will be replaced with the new definition.

  • functions/macros in existing code may not be replaced due to inlining/macro expansion.

  • CLOS classes will be updated, its instances will be lazily updated.

  • Structure definitions will be updated, existing structure instances will not be updated.

  • DEFVAR replaces a value if one doesn't exist. DEFPARAMETER always replaces a value.

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@Joswig Thanks!! –  hyper_w Sep 20 '10 at 14:49
I realize this is an old answer, but here we go. It’s worth mentioning that any functions/macros/etc. you may have deleted from the file will still hang around, polluting the image and possibly causing behaviour that you would not see in a completely clean build. –  user713516 Sep 19 '12 at 22:05

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