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Using ruby 1.9.2

if I change gem 'rails', '3.0.0.rc2' to gem 'rails', '3.0.0' None of my forms render.

My forms all use <%= %> and everything works great in rc2. I don't even get any errors.

<%= form_for(@user) do |f| %>
  Not even this text would render.... Its not even hidden on the page.
<% end %>

This is my GEMFILE:

gem 'rails', '3.0.0.rc2'

gem "activemerchant", '1.7.2'
gem 'acts_as_tree',    :git => 'git://'
gem 'authlogic', "2.1.5"
gem 'cancan'#, '1.3.2'
gem 'compass', ">= 0.10.5" 

gem 'fancy-buttons'
gem "friendly_id", "~> 3.0"
gem 'formtastic',  "~> 1.1.0"
gem 'haml',  "= 3.0.13"

gem 'memcache-client'
gem 'ruby-mysql'
gem "nifty-generators"
gem 'paperclip'
gem 'prawn'

gem 'rmagick',    :require => 'RMagick'
gem 'sunspot'
gem 'sunspot_rails' 
gem 'ssl_requirement'
gem 'state_machine'
gem 'will_paginate', '~> 3.0.pre2'

group :development do 
  gem "autotest-rails-pure"
  gem "autotest-fsevent"
  gem "ruby-debug19"
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I think the form_for helper works a little differently in rails 3.

<%= form_for(:user, @user) do |f| %>
  # whatever
<% end %>

where :user would be the name of the model and @user is the actual variable

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I'll try that out but the docs say: – David Henner Sep 20 '10 at 4:51
<%= form_for(@user, :as => :user) do |f| %> – David Henner Sep 20 '10 at 4:52
Yeap... your right. Thank you!!! – David Henner Sep 20 '10 at 4:57
no problem--i ran into a similar problem not too long ago – mportiz08 Sep 21 '10 at 6:02

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