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I like jQuery's ability to method chain commands ( .animate().css() etc ) which in the backend is achieved by returning the special variable "this".

How can I implement a similar method of chaining without having to set state within my object. Take for example:


This method chain queries a field in the datastore "short_name" using the value "sam". I can set an internal state to "short_name" when the first method has been called then look that up again when withValue is called. This seems like a kludge to me though, for a start I can't throw an error if withValue is called before findBy as it will reuse the last findBy setting.

How can I better implement this?

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You can make the findBy method return a different object, that encapsulates the datastore and the field name, and that has the withValue method:

function findBy(field) {
  return {
    dataStore: this,
    field: field,
    withValue: function(value) {
      // query the dataStore and return result
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Love it, this is what I was thinking so it's good to get some confirmation on it. –  Samuel Sep 20 '10 at 3:55
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Your findBy method should return a separate object with a withValue method. (and perhaps startsWith, but no unrelated methods)

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Looks like findBy() could be implemented as a separate object with the method withValue(), it doesn't look like withValue() should be a method for the HospitalCoverDataStore.

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