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In one section of code I have this:


In another section of code, I have this:

$("#searchbar").bind("onOptionsApplied", function () {

The bind() is executed before the trigger(), but when I view the page, I never get an alert().

Why not? What am I doing wrong with events?

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Are you sure you have put that lines of codes inside the ready handler? Cause it works well for me. Example demo – Reigel Sep 20 '10 at 2:59

Perhaps your #searchbar is not part of the DOM when you execute:

  // This will not work if #searchbar is not part of the DOM
  //   or if the DOM is not ready yet.
$("#searchbar").bind("onOptionsApplied", function () {

This type of stuff often happens if .bind() is outside the document ready or because #searchbar is added dynamically.

To make sure onOptionsApplied is bound correctly even under these conditions, use .live() or .delegate():

// This can be outside document ready.
//   It binds all now and future #searchbars
$("#searchbar").live("onOptionsApplied", function () {

// Document ready
$(function() {
    // Whatever you do....

    // Make sure #searchbar is now part of the DOM

      // Trigger onOptionsApplied

jsFiddle example

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I also tried it and works fine.

put the bind function in the ready handler and then trigger the event should go smooth

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this should be a comment ;) – Reigel Sep 20 '10 at 4:05

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