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I'm trying the 23.2 release Cocoa Emacs build (OS X 10.6). There's a number of things that are more annoying about Cocoa Emacs than the terrific Carbon Emacs (based on an Emacs 22 build, I believe), so I hoped folks might have some solutions/thoughts (unfortunately posting on neither the carbon-emacs list nor emacs-dev has produced a useful reply, so I thought I'd try Stack Overflow for the first time):

  • I used to be able to option-click (in my mailer) on web links, but that doesn't work any more. This might be mailer-specific, but I don't think so; I think it used to map to middle-button, but it doesn't any more. What is the current keyboard equivalent for middle-button (and will this work for launching web links?)? I should note browse-url called manually works just fine, so this is a question of "how can I map option-click or some other mouse equivalent to browse-url"?
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You might have better luck editing this to one question and open two more new questions for the rest. – 0x4b Sep 22 '10 at 16:51

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goto-address perhaps is what you want.

  (add-hook 'find-file-hook 'goto-address-mode)
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Fantastic! That's spot on. For me, (add-hook 'wl-message-redisplay-hook 'goto-address) gets the job done. Many thanks. – jowens Sep 27 '10 at 2:44

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