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I keep getting the following when trying to step through code and use the Immediate Window or Watch Window in Visual Studio.

'Unable to Evaluate the Expression'

Im using Visual Studio 2008. Searching the forums there is a lot of talk of using the overloaded Response.Redirect and passing false to the endResponse parameter. I have tried that

I have also checked that my code is running the debug version and not the complied version.

I decided to start a brand new Windows Form Application with nothing on the form. In the Form Load event I declare a String and set a value to it. Stopping in there via a breakpoint I try and print the value of the String to the Immediate window and I still get 'Unable to Evaluate the Expression'

This has occured all of a sudden. Regardless of any solution I open I am unable to use the Immediate window or watch windows to determine values in the code.

Im not sure If a setting in Visual Studio has changed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I had this issue with Visual Studio 2012, and fixed it just resetting settings: "Unable to evaluate the expression" in Visual Studio 2012 Debug Mode

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