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When I try to save pixmap in jpg format then I get an error in console QJpegHandler: unable to write image of format 7 and the result image is corrupt.

How to fix this problem?

Qt 4.6.2 on windows mobile. On symbian it works fine without any problems.

Thanks in advance.

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try putting the imageformats folder in qt installation with your executable as support dlls.

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The JpegHandler in Qt 4.6 does not support writing Format_RGB16 You have to convert to RGB888, or better, RGB32 In 4.7 it is fixed.

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I suspect that the JPEG image plugin is not linked with your executable. To see which image formats are available, try:


See the Qt documentation for more information. In case JPEG is not supported, build the JPEG plugin that comes with Qt and link it with your application.

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it is linked, supportedImageFormats() - gif, jpeg, jpg, png. I found the same problem here… but when I convert my image to rgb32 this doesn't affect on the situation. – Sergey Sep 21 '10 at 1:16

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