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I am using -moz-border-radius (along with border-bottom-left and the webkit one).

The radius shows up in every browser (that supports css3 radius) no problem.

In firefox, the radius shows up. When I inspect with firebug, radius is missing from the stylesheet (it is there though, just not visible in firebug).

it works here on the tabs (first and last tab/li). I am copying that same exact style (css and markup).

Any suggestions?

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The reason why it's not showing up on Firebug is because there's a problem with your syntax. Check the MDC documentation for the correct syntax: – Yi Jiang Sep 20 '10 at 6:49
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The above comment was correct. there was a "-" missing in front of all the webkit and moz styles.

I didn't bother to check because I copied stylesheet directly. How did the -'s get removed? Maybe by visual studios "Format Document" command?

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