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i've just installed a new eclipse helios and i wonder about the autocompletion not working properly as in my older versions (ganymede/galileo). it's working for simple functions and class-methods but it somehow doesn't know methods which have been inherited from other classes AND it won't show autocompletion for chained methoed which return $this.


class y
    protected $_a;

    public function setA($a)
        $this->_a = $a;
        return $this;

class x extends y
    protected $_b;

    public function setB($b)
        $this->_b = $b;
        return $this;

$x = new x;

[AUTOCOMPLETION] only shows the methods directly implemented in x, but not the methods of y. and when i do


the autocompletion won't work at all. theese both cases worked great in previous versions. so what's wrong with the current eclipse helios? or did i miss to configure something?

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work ok on Mac. it shows both setA and setB

Post a bug report in bugzilla


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it turned out that the version I was using was bugged. Eclipse 3.7.2 works fine again.

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