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Ever since I've been using an external monitor with my laptop, when I need to change the backlight brightness I have to press the monitor's buttons to navigate through its menu and adjust the brightness.
That is really a pain. It's too many button presses! When I was using my laptop's integrated monitor, that was as simple as presing the Fn key plus a combination.

Probably some of you might think it is not possible to change that programmatically. I thought that too. But I've just found a control (a GUI control) in my video card configuration that does exactly that.
So, that proves it is possible to change this programmatically.

But I can't find any tool or utility that does that. All what I've found are tools that adjust gamma, brightness and contrast. But backlight brightness is a different thing.

Does any of you know how to adjust that damn thing programmatically in Windows?

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You probably want to ask this on than asking about adjusting brightness via code, this is basically a SuperUser sort of question. – Onorio Catenacci Sep 10 '10 at 12:39
This is a question that is very specific to you monitor. For example, I know for a fact that my monitor has no such function. You would be better off asking on for a utility that did such a thing. – John Gietzen Sep 10 '10 at 12:39
It can't be specific to my monitor. It must be some standard feature, which might be available on some monitors or not, but it definately is a standard feature, otherwise I couldn't be able to adjust my EXTERNAL monitor's backlight with software (video card driver) made for my laptop's integrated monitor. – GetFree Sep 10 '10 at 12:45
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Let's try that again. There is a SetMonitorBrightness function, but it is only available starting with Vista. There is also IOCTL_VIDEO_SET_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS which is available starting with XP SP1. I might give that a try on my laptop just out of curiosity.

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D'oh; I only skimmed your question. I am not aware of a standard method to change the backlight. – Luke Sep 10 '10 at 23:31

I know this question is about Windows, but if anyone is looking for the Linux way to do this you can run the "xbacklight" program, for example: "xbacklight -set 100" to set to 100% (full) brightness. The source code to this program could be used to embed it into a program.

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There are a couple of tools that let you set the backlight brightness:

The latter uses a custom library which they offer commercially and supports most popular programming languages in Windows.

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ScreenBright and Display Tuner are retired. – mecyborg Jun 12 '15 at 12:48

Using a laptop there are normally special key-combinations to increase/decrease backlight-brightness. Using an external monitor, backlight-brightness is adjusted by changing brightness AND contrast directly by the correspondiung monitor-buttons. Alternatively you can use a program which is able to communicate with the monitor using DDC-protocol. But a laptop with its special built-in display does normally not support DDC, but there is no need, because you got the key-combinations for ajusting backlight-brightness. Using a desktop-PC with an external monitor, you control monitor-backlight-brightness by adjusting brightness AND contrast. For instance you can use this very useful tool:

ClickMonitorDDC 1.6 freeware simply click the notification icon in the taskbar tray area to adjust brightness or contrast, much more comfortable and faster than manually messing around with your monitor-buttons. The notification icon informs you about the monitor values, you simply look at the icon to check if the wanted values are already set. supports shortcut icon command-line arguments, for instance b 20 c 30 you can prepend monitornumber (1 or higher), for instance 2 c55 b 40 x for shutting down monitor The portable standalone file can be run from any location without installation, requires at least windows 7 and Display Data Channel (DDC) compatible devices. supports autostart

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If you have an NVidia card with the control panel installed, you should have a brightness control on the Adjust desktop color settings node.

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