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I want to know what is difference between Panel control in asp.net and div with runat="server"? Since both render in div.And i want to know which one is best (conditions)?

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Panel and <div> are the same thing in HTML. The difference is that a Panel is a web control, and it makes it easier to access the control's method and properties in the code-behind. Making a <div> runat server also allows you to access the properties in the code-behind, but not as much compare to a Panel web control.

A Panel control requires more processing to generate HTML, while a <div> requires less. Which one should you use depends how much of the properties do you need to access in the code-behind. In general, I like to stick with plain HTML or HTML controls because they require less processing on the server, and makes the page load smaller because they don't use the viewstate.

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I don't think there is any noticeable difference in processing time. Since both Panel and <div runat='server'/> are rendered by asp.net controls. Div is rendered using HtmlGenericControl, which has same RenderBeginTag,RenderEndTag and etc. methods. Also both Panel and Div can use ViewState. –  Kirill Muzykov Sep 20 '10 at 10:06
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The code

<asp:Panel id="abc" runat="server">

is exactly the same as if you do:

<div id="abc" runat="server">

They render the same, but it's the functionality with other WebControls that the Panel is most used, and the Panel web control gives you more control under code-behind as it exposes more properties.

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The difference is that Panel is a webcontorl which will give you more properties over div in the code behind file, since its a webcontrol it will require more processing to generate HTML.

The panel control has the viewstate property while div doesnt.

It really depends on your place of usage if u prefer to have control over much properties then use the panel control otherwise use the div control.

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