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Is there a way/tool/library out there that can programmatically remove the image (ie cover artwork) from an mp3 file?

(The ability to do it in Java would be a bonus.)


Just in case...

...anyone is wondering why I want to do this, we're hitting a bug in the otherwise excellent JavaZoom mp3 player library. I have contacted the author to see if we can pay to get the bug fixed, but I'm hoping there's a workaround in the meantime. I did look at fixing the code myself but I don't understand the internals of an MP3 well enough to do it.

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Don't forget that each ID3 version have different tags to store pictures or metadata in MP3. Just be aware of that. – Buhake Sindi Sep 29 '10 at 19:16

ID3 offers a standard frame for cover art. Any library able to modify ID3 tags in MP3 files should be able to remove the frame from the file. I loathe Java with all of my heart, so I am unable to provide you with a decent library there, but I know that libraries exist (in other languages) that are very well able to do this (for example, here is one in Python, and Perl's MP3::Tag should be able to do this also).

I'd suggest you look around and try to search an ID3 library that is able to remove APIC frames in Java. I found MyID3 which claims support for APIC, but I don't know if it's actually able to remove the frames (vs. just reading them) - I am sure you'll find something, though.

Edit: If all else fails, the Python version comes with a small command line script that offers an option to remove all APIC frames from a given file.

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Thanks. What on earth did Java do to you? :) – cagcowboy Sep 20 '10 at 10:17
I guess I justed worked with a lot of uninspired Java developers when freelancing - which may or not may be the language's fault. I always got the impression Java promoted a certain "business" mentality that kinda was orthogonal to how I saw myself as a developer. I'm into business long enough to still use it when it's the "right tool for the job" though, I just die a little inside. – Jim Brissom Sep 20 '10 at 10:38

The ID3v2.x standards provide a way for people to add lots of pictures to their mp3 files. You can add the front cover, back cover, band in the studio, band live, band logo, etc. An example of one java library that handles all of this is the beaglebuddy mp3 library which can be found at http://www.beaglebuddy.com. The library can tell you how many images are stored in an .mp3 file, what kind they are, and allows you to add/remove them.

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