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I am looking for a Confluence plugin/macro to add voting capabilities to a page, similar to the one StackOverflow is offering. (Like the one next to this entry.)

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Adaptavist offers a plugin called Content Voting which is one of three plugins in their Wiki-Plus Pack.

The Content Voting plugin has more feature depth than the simple star rating system that the {rate} macro offers. The documentation says that you can "customize the voting controls easily with CSS and embed scores within pages and themes."

The Content Voting plugin doesn't seem to be available for download today, but I am hoping that it is a temporary glitch on the Adaptavist website.

It should be noted however the plugin relies upon browser sessions rather than Confluence users to establish uniqueness. eg. Logging out and then back in again allows a user to duplicate their vote for the same space,page or comment. This issue is present in all current versions of the plugin to date.

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I just stumbled across the first and most obvious answer, which is to use the {rate} macro. Unfortunately, that one doesn't seem be maintained any longer, and the {rate-search} macro used for displaying the results seems to be broken.

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Confirmed that {rate-search} is broken for Confluence 3.5. {rate} is still very useful. – Underverse Dec 30 '13 at 4:15

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