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For specific attributes of an event to be displayed in the 'fullCalendar' matrix I would like to add icons to show them, for 'completed' an (i) button, or an URL symbol in case the event contains an URL link.

I don't want to write any html string to one of the elements (fc-event-time/-title) in the <a> element, but define an additional element like this:

  <span class="fc-event-time">15:15  - 16:15<br></span>
  **<span class="fc-event-icons"> ..some definitions for icons here ..</span>**
  <span class="fc-event-title">Fri Dille</span>

Any help here? Günter

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well this topic is old, but I couldn't find here how to do it with tags so I leave here another way to put imagens in fullcalendar

adding in your eventObject a path to the image if you use javascript it would be something like:

events: [
        title  : 'event1',
        start  : '2010-01-01',
        title  : 'event1',
        start  : '2010-01-01'

And on eventRender just put the image

eventRender: function(event, eventElement) {
if (event.imageurl)
                eventElement.find("div.fc-event-inner").prepend("<img src='" + event.imageurl +"' width='12' height='12'>");

If you want to use the same image on all items, you just need to put this in your eventRender:

eventElement.find("div.fc-event-inner").prepend("<img src='pathtoimage.png' width='12' height='12'>");
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works great.. and clean way..!! +2 –  KuKu Dec 27 '13 at 5:12
Nice approach. Full Calendar v.2.3.2 doesn't appear to use fc-event-inner class any more. Changed the class to fc-content instead. –  Mark Jul 23 at 15:52

You could piggyback the "eventRender" event like so:

    eventRender: function(event, element) {
        element.find(".fc-event-time").after($("<span class=\"fc-event-icons\"></span>").html("Whatever you want the content of the span to be"));

similarly you could append the new element to any other element in the event's DIV container

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AFAIU the 'eventRender' is processed with eg. mouse hover over the event displayed in the calendar. My request is to "add" things to how the event is displayed, eg. an icon beside the time. So the 'eventRender' is processed after displayed in the calendar, I need to change before it's displayed!? –  neandr Sep 22 '10 at 23:00
No eventRender is processed whenever events are placed on calendar, i.e. on calendar load, event fetch etc. –  Dimitri Sep 23 '10 at 12:33
Thanks, yes I have to correct this. And it makes things much easier. Günter –  neandr Sep 24 '10 at 12:20

One possible solution could be:

  myUtil.goCalendar();       // build calendar with all events 

  // --- post process to add functionality to 'specific' events displayed 
  //     in the calendar matrix, eg. "completed"

With myUtil.goCalendar(); I building the calendar with all events. That includes to add an event.className ('afc-completed') for all events with that attribute. After building the calendar I get all those events and add another class to the 'fc-event-time'. That's not what I thought with my first request, but could be a base to add more html code using a CSS statement like this:

.afc-event-completed {
    color: red;
    text-decoration: line-through;

.. or to add icons. Maybe not the best procedure .. but a way to solve the requirement.

Call for experts:
Any other/ better/ shorter/ faster way.

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Uppps, that's a soltion "second to none" .. .. with any action (like resize the window, [ < ] or [ > ], etc) all the added 'attributes' are lost. That's due to rendering outside of fullCalendar functions. Another solution ... like moving the described function to become fullCalendar's. Any suggestion? –  neandr Sep 21 '10 at 9:40
OK, seems to be solved with: including 'viewDisplay' & 'windowResize' in the call to $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ ..}) I'm very fascinated about the 'full' featured 'calendar' ... GREAT WORK! –  neandr Sep 21 '10 at 16:16

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