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I am trying to fill a GridView with data provided by a ITypedList. I have a Dictionary<string,object>, and the columns & values are inside. So if the dictionary has:

"Name" : "Jack"
"Age" : 20

The GridView will have 2 columns, Name and Age, and the values are Jack and 20.

So, the main idea from which I started was the following SO thread.

The problem I am facing now is how can I fill the GridView based on this list? There also has to be a binding to this elements, so if any of them change, the value in gridview is updated.

I am using this ITypedList in another project, with a Janus Grid, and all the magic that I need is done by setting the DataSource. The binding also works, so it's not impossible :)

Does anyone have an idea about this?


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