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Originally my subrepo's were defined with an absolute URL in .hgsub, which is now causing some trouble. It makes "friendly dictator" workflow impossible since I want to use an intermediate server where users clone their working copies from. Then I would pull changes to the intermediate server before pushing them to the master repository (intermediate server is also the continuous integration host, thus I won't pull stuff directly to the master). The absolute paths prevent this as the cloned repo's would be pushed directly to the master.

Now the problem is that my hg server spews out 404 errors when I try to push my changes made in the .hgsub file. Below is an example of a change I made

# original subrepo definition
common = http://hgserver/disp/common
# and after the change
common = common

This does not work, it spews out the following error

$ hg push
pushing to http://hgserver/disp
pushing subrepo common
abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Is is possible to change the subrepo configuration in this way or do I have to recreate the whole repository?

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Yes, it should be changeable (and you're right that relative makes for a better work flow), however, the relative url path is taken as relative to the hg root of the repo in which the .hgsub lives -- not to where you happen to be pushing (which comes from .hg/hgrc's deafult entry in the paths section.

Here's a pretty normal subrepo layout:

on server http://hgserver/disp/main
    http://hgserver/disp/common # the "common" repo
    http://hgserver/disp/main # the main repo
        http://hgserver/disp/main/.hgsub # contains "common=../common"

Then after a clone everything just works and the same hgsub works fine on the server too.

There are a lot of stack overflow questions where people walk through the best layouts for relative subrepo setups, and while I've not tried switching from one to the other I think if you do the "next to" style of sub-repo with "../sibling" I show above it'll work fine.

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Thanks, I'll have to fiddle with the paths a little bit more. The documentation of subrepos is, well, lousy :-/ –  puudeli Sep 20 '10 at 17:45
Yeah, they kind of snuck in as a feature with the understanding they'd grow in features, docs, and support once it became clear how they were being used. There's now a company paying a contractor to add subrepo support to most all the commands, so I expect they'll look a lot more polished in an upcoming release. –  Ry4an Sep 21 '10 at 4:27
I'm the guy adding -S flags to a bunch of commands (status, diff, incoming, outgoing, ...) to make the aware of subrepos. I've also recently added a feature that lets you remap the lines in your .hgsub file, please see: mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/SubrepoRemappingPlan –  Martin Geisler Sep 23 '10 at 11:17
Thanks for the help. The solution that worked for us was to redo the repositories. We renamed the old repos and then correctly created the subrepo's again under the main repo. Previously subrepos were siblings of the main and that just did not work. –  puudeli Sep 24 '10 at 17:59

Note that a problem exist(ed) when:

  1. Using ssh (top repo)
  2. Subrepos listed relative to top (as suggested here - and generally desired) - and
  3. The top (ssh) repo referenced by absolute path.

See http://mercurial.808500.n3.nabble.com/subrepos-with-ssh-urls-with-absolute-paths-td1462834.html. Essentially it forces the use of absolute paths in the .hgsub file - which break the referred "friendly dictator" / integration server workflow.

A solution is much desired, but for now we'll have to use absolute paths and do a per-user re-map in a [subpaths] section. :-(

Note: This is now fixed: http://selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/rev/71ea5b2b9517 This is Hg version 1.8.3 (and later)

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