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Could anyone provide an example how to create a structure instance at runtime? The structure I'm using doesn't define any constructors, just fields. The GetConstructor() method returns null, and so far I was unable to find a way to achieve this.

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Just use Activator.CreateInstance(Type).

Most structs don't actually have a parameterless constructor - there's a different form of IL used (the initobj instruction IIRC).

On the other hand, if a struct doesn't have any constructors, that suggests it's either not very useful or it's mutable - and mutable structs can cause all kinds of problems. If you're in control of the structure code yourself, I'd suggest giving it a constructor and making it immutable. There are probably cases where mutable structs are a necessary evil (particularly around interop) but they're worth avoiding if at all possible.

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Thanks. I've heard about mutable structs sometimes creating confusion, but never knew exactly when and why such problems occur. Guess its time to find out. –  L.E.O Sep 20 '10 at 12:56
@L.E.O.: It's things like fetching a value, then changing a field within that value, and it not being reflected in the original place you fetched it from. All kinds of weird effects, basically. –  Jon Skeet Sep 20 '10 at 12:58

Have you tried using:

Object o = Activator.CreateInstance(Type t);

...or some of its other overloads?


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