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Im using a lot od devexpress controls. I have noticed that sometimes i think mainly while making callbacks on devexpress controlls there is a timeout and nothing happens. Then when I try to klick on another link or something (for example refresh page) there is http 400: Bad Request.

I cant do anything till I delete cookies, then everything works ok.

Where can be the problem ?

When I use visual studio development server sometimes even process of that server is getting down and I have to restart it

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you can simply contact the specific third party control vendor to get best results –  Vinoth K Sep 20 '10 at 12:55

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We haven't heard of this problem before and I do not remember that our customers reported such problems to us. It would be better if you create a ticket in the support center and post your code there. BTW, does this problem appears only on a certain page or you see it everywhere on your site? Which version of our controls are you using? I suggest that you try the latest one (10.1.6).

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