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What is difference between the two, i am just confused so much on these two concepts and not able to apply correctly?

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Attached behaviors is a way of extending controls without having to subclass them! Examples of this is add watermarks to textboxes, forcing textboxes to only accept certain charecters, etc... It is typical stuff that you can do to a control by subscribing to certain events or setting properties! By creating a attached behavior, you are just encapsulating that functionalaty for reuse!

Routed Commands is a way of abstracting away your executing logic for actions like clicking on a button... in WPF, the build in implementation of ICommand, basically walks the visual tree looking for a RoutedCommand that it can execute! The real big diference between these too is that ICommand can only really work on things like buttons... If you need to execute some logic on clicking of a image, you can't without creating a attached behaviour!

Also read up on RelayCommand/DelegateCommand


Attaching a behavior to an object simply means making the object do something that it would not do on its own.

Josh Smith - http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WPF/AttachedBehaviors.aspx

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