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I have to communicate with 2 identical i2c slaves that have a different chip select each. I would like to use one driver for both. What is the best way to do that?

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Are you looking at writing a kernel driver or a userspace application? – caf Sep 21 '10 at 2:02

Use aditional CS unit parameter passed to driver, and raise required CS when accessing distinct device.

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Detecting a single device on I2C bus is quite straight forward and require to make a single ioctl call.

ioctl(fd, I2C_SLAVE_FORCE, device_address);

fd = file descriptor of i2c device file. (You can get it by using a open system call i2c device file )

If you have two devices with same address on a I2C device. There address is differentiated by using a MUX in between. So, Now your MUX is on I2c bus and It will be accessed just like any other devices.

So, In order to access device, You first do a ioctl call on MUX and then on device.

ioctl(fd, I2C_SLAVE_FORCE, device_address);
ioctl(fd, I2C_SLAVE_FORCE, mux_address);
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