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After a user tries to send some "in app" email from my iPhone app... I'd like to inform them of what happened. I put some code like this in my "didFinishWithResult" method:

if(result == MFMailComposeResultSent     ) NSLog(@"Email sent");   
if(result == MFMailComposeResultCancelled) NSLog(@"Email cancelled");
if(result == MFMailComposeResultFailed   ) NSLog(@"Can't send email.\nError # %d", result);
if(result == MFMailComposeResultSaved    ) NSLog(@"Email saved");

It works in all cases EXCEPT if the device is in the "airplane mode".

Then I get both "email sent" and "can't send now, queued for later sending" messages.

Is there a way for me to detect that? Shouldn't there be a MFMailComposeQueuedForLater result???

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I don't play the "you must vote for me" headgame. Only help me if you WANT to help me. I won't pay you. The "points game" is totally destroying StackOverFlow's friendly nature. People waste TONS of time "voting" instead of "helping". I'm here only to HELP people... not "gain a lot of bonus points" so I can brag to my friends. What OS REALLY needs is a "block all responses by Bongeh" button. (And he can block all of mine.) Everyone is happy. – Patricia Sep 20 '10 at 14:49
the issue is that rating an answer as 'accepted' adds value to the whole website for other readers - the 'accepted' answer is likely correct, and obviates the need to read the entire page to get the question answered. – Dan Davies Brackett Sep 20 '10 at 21:15
Wow, never realized before, how much time clicking the mouse consumes. Thanks, Patricia, for opening my eyes! – vikingosegundo Nov 30 '10 at 5:24

Its not possible for 'result' to have two distinct values, which is what your code fragment suggests is happening.

You haven't shown enough code to debug this, but at a guess what you actually have is not a set of if's and more like the case statement shown here:

and you have omitted a break statement.

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