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I have a telerik Grid, with two columns I need to keep Second column as Dropdown list box with in the grid, I am using Asp.net mvc Control

Can any body tell me how to do this?


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You can set the template of the column to embed arbitrary HTML. If using Ajax binding - try the client template. The following online examples will be helpful:

  1. Server templates
  2. Client templates
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As you used links for this answer instead of answering directly here this answer is now useless as the links are 404ing. –  GazB Jul 29 at 11:02
I have updated the links to use The Way Back Machine's archive so the answer could still be useful. :) –  GazB Jul 30 at 11:10

I had the need to do that for my project. Here is how I did it:

                    columns.Bound(o => o.Role).ClientTemplate(
                                        .Name("RoleList<#= UserID #>")
                                        .BindTo(new SelectList(UserController.GetRoles()))

The static method GetRoles returns a simple IEnumerable of String. You still can return a custom object by using a different SelectList constructor to specify Value and Text property of your custom object.

new SelectList(UserController.GetCustomRoles(), "RoleID", "ShortName")
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