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Debian stable has git which is missing the --ff-only options in git pull/git merge. Is there a way to simulate this behavior with a series of alternative git commands?

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Upgrade to a better git... :) –  Jakob Borg Sep 21 '10 at 19:59

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You can test if one of the commits is a descendant of the other. If one is, then that's the definition of a fast-forward merge.

If commit A is a descendant of commit B (as in, B is some Nth parent of A), then:

$ git checkout B
$ git merge A #<--- this is a fast-forward merge

But testing if commits are descendants is not the easiest. That answer lies here: GIT - How can I tell if one commit is a descendant of another commit?

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Of course, I can just run merge with --no-commit and then see if anything has changed in the index. If it's a fast-forward or empty merge, then git diff --cached should be empty, given that it was empty before the merge.

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