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How to obtain value of selected node of asp.net treeview from javascript?

I have tree:

<asp:TreeView ID="dtDivisions" runat="server" onclick="OnDivisionChecked(event);" ShowCheckBoxes="All" ShowLines="true">

I fill it using next method:

private static void BindTreeViewNode(TreeView control, TreeNode parentNode)
  int parentId = parentNode == null ? -1 : Convert.ToInt32(parentNode.Value);
  var list = DictionariesDAO.GetListByParentId(DictionaryType.Divisions, parentId);

  foreach (var item in list)
    TreeNode node = new TreeNode(item.Name, item.Id.ToString())
                                    ImageUrl = item.HasChilds ? "js/dtree/img/folder.gif" : "js/dtree/img/page.gif",
                                    NavigateUrl = item.Id.ToString(),
                                    SelectAction = TreeNodeSelectAction.None

    if (parentNode == null)
      node.ImageUrl = "js/dtree/img/base.gif";

    if (item.HasChilds)
      BindTreeViewNode(control, node);

I need in OnDivisionChecked javascript method obtain value of selected node. I try to put it in NavigationUrl property of TreeView but without success.


var snode = document.getElementById(TreeNode.id.replace('CheckBox', '').replace('dtDivisionsn', 'dtDivisionst'));
document.getElementById('ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_hidDivisionsId').value = snode.href;

Please help! :)

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hopefully the link below can solve ur problem : http://www.mikeborozdin.com/post/ASPNET-TreeView-and-Checkboxes.aspx

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