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I'm creating a humble web browser-game in PHP. I'm making a "robbery" section... I want to greet the user if he succeeds at a robbery. Some messages like "You're the man!", "A piece of cake, it was" etc.

I want more than, like, 5 different messages/notifications like this. How could I do this? how could I pick them from a .txt file, or have them imported from another PHP page which has these messages stored in variables to the "robbery" page...

Please, if you can provide a useful snippet of code, like a function for picking random messages, etc, that would be great.

Also if you can use OOP... :)

Thank you very much in advance...

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Put your messages into a file, one message per line, and then you can load that file into an array using file. The FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES flag will strip the newline from the end of each element in the returned array. Then you can shuffle the array to randomize it.

$messages = file('messages.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);
$message = $message[0]; // get the first of the shuffled $messages
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This is a function that accepts a string (the filename) and reads the messages from it. It then returns the messages as an array so you can use them in your app.

function loadMessagesFromFile($file)
        return false;

    $fh       = fopen($file, 'r');
    $messages = array();

    while($data = fgets($fh))
        $messages[] = $data;


    return $messages;

$messages_from_file = loadMessagesFromFile('messages.txt');
$key = array_rand($messages_from_file);
echo $messages_from_file[$key];

Another option is storing the messages in PHP:

$messages = array('message', 'another message');
$key = array_rand($messages);
echo $messages[$key];
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Keep in mind that array_rand() returns the key/index of the array, not the value. You still need to look it up in the array. – Fanis Sep 20 '10 at 16:29
Thanks! I fixed it. – Evert Sep 20 '10 at 16:35

I don't see a specific need for an object here, just a function...

function message(){
$mes = array("Message 1","Message 2","Message 3","Message 4");
return $mes[0];

That will give you a random message from one of the ones you put in the array. You could make as many messages as you like.


You could do an include file like you asked. I would again store them in an array in the include file then return a random message.


$mes = array("Message 1","Message 2","Message 3","Message 4");


include('messages.php');//be sure to include path to messages.php
echo $mes[0];//will echo a random message
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i like this solution... i used your first message() function to display a random "quote".... works perfect. – MizAkita Dec 16 '15 at 4:25

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