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If I have an interface with a few methods. Sometimes I need to create a new implementation of the interface which wraps another instance of the interface and delegates most of the methods to the wrapped instance. Then I would change a couple of the implementations, maybe not delegating them.

A classic example would be the Collections.unmodifiableXXX() methods in the JDK which block access to the modification methods.

Does IntelliJ have any code assistance that will generate a delegate implementation of the interface and then I can just tweak a couple of methods?

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You can do it in two stages. First implement the interface and then introduce delegation

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Thanks. To be clear the steps are.. 1) Implement interface. 2) Add target member variable that is being delegated to. 3) Use Code|Delegate and first select the member variable target and then all the methods you want delegated. –  Mike Q Sep 20 '10 at 20:02

Code|Delegate Methods

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This is useful to delegate based on a field member rather than a base class –  Jonathan Neufeld Jun 20 '13 at 23:43
This refactoring can also be accessed from Alt+Enter menu. –  deville Apr 16 at 12:03
@Jonathan Neufeld when you override methods, call to base class implementation is inserted by default. –  deville Apr 16 at 12:04

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