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I am trying to load the Vzaar libraries into codeigniter. Should these file go into the libraries directory. If so there are multiple files, which one would I make the call to from my controller. I believe the main library file is Vzaar.php. Therefore should my call be $this->load->libraries('Vzaar');

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Presumably this library is a standard PHP class called Vzaar? If so, then yes, what you've said is correct. Put Vzaar.php into your application/libraries folder and load it up at any time using $this->load->libraries('Vzaar'). Then you can use it by doing $this->Vzaar->myFunction(). For more info, check out CI's awesome user guide:


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Yes, $this->load->libraries('Vzaar') followed by *$this->Vzaar::function_name()* should do the job, since it's just a PHP class and it has all require_once instructions inside of it already.

Evi Skitsanos, vzaar API Head of Support, email: evi@vzaar.com | twitter: http://twitter.com/skitsanos

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