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I can't log neither to stackoverflow with phpmyid running on my server, nor to my own janrain rpx server. The error:

Unable to log in with your OpenID provider:Error occurred while sending a direct message or getting the response.

I see this in my phpmyid log:

Run mode: associate at: 1285002110

Request params
    [module] => myid
    [openid_mode] => associate
    [openid_session_type] => DH-SHA1
    [openid_assoc_type] => HMAC-SHA1
    [openid_dh_modulus] => ANz5OguIOXLsDhmYmsWizjEOHTdxfo2Vcbt2I3MYZuYe91ouJ4mLBX+YkcLiemOcPym2CBRYHNOyyjmG0mg3BVd9RcLn5S3IHHoXGHblzqdLFEi/368Ygo79JRnxTkXjgmY0rxlJ5bU1zIKaSDuKdiI+XUkKJX8Fvf8W8vsixYOr
    [openid_dh_gen] => Ag==
    [openid_dh_consumer_public] => AKzkl2e4VIg52yEzj1H5o3ZT1G76Z22VNWd3luA19VpS4vdFGLhPrLzajnj6sGwyArCK+78Sflh16As64OrD8yxmaz1wRmU98EuYTrdncVVgTTtwu+g5APwG1xHDZfvXAKUJio6KR0XtYx+xUhlVAhdwr2Q0bGl7pMSBg84yqE7T

Generated new key: hash = '2c9fa7c6f98bd9e2939eeda8da139b74', length = '20'

Started new assoc session: 9b81a1171c31e966cc1e3647d65140c9
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You said you can log to any provider with phpmyid, but phpmyid is an OP, so the sentence doesn't make sense. Did you mean that you can log in to any website using phpmyid, but not with your own consumer? Also, you shouldn't use phpMyId at all, since it isn't mantained anymore and supports only the first version of openid. – Mewp Sep 20 '10 at 18:12
Yes, exactly as you say. What could i then use as consumer? Do you have any idea? – János Sep 22 '10 at 9:12

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