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If I have 3 different views which are defined in 3 corresponding functions, namely:

- (UIView *)getView1 { /*...*/ }
- (UIView *)getView2 { /*...*/ }
- (UIView *)getView3 { /*...*/ }

These are added to self.view when a particular view is required.

My question is, how do we know which of these views is currently being displayed? Is there a parameter that will identify which view is the current view?

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How are the views added to self.view? Do you use [self.view addSubview:...], and if so, do you remove the existing subview first? A little more information would help. –  e.James Dec 17 '08 at 18:39

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You can tag each view with with an integer and later read the tag to determine which view is active (assuming you are replacing self.view).

#define TAG_VIEW_1 1
#define TAG_VIEW_2 2
#define TAG_VIEW_3 3
[ [self getView1()] setTag:TAG_VIEW_1 ];
[ [self getView2()] setTag:TAG_VIEW_2 ];
[ [self getView3()] setTag:TAG_VIEW_3 ];

if ( self.view.tag == TAG_VIEW_1 ) {
    // do something
else if ( self.view.tag == TAG_VIEW_2 ) {
    // etc
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Assuming you are removing the other two views from self.view when you change them you can use [self superview] to determine which one is currently displayed.

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All UIView's have a window property which is set when it is being displayed in a window and set to nil when it is removed. You can get the value of the window property to see if a view is currently being displayed in a window:

BOOL isDisplayed = self.view.window != nil;

You can also override willMoveToWindow: in a subclass of UIView and it will be called whenever the view is added to or removed from a window.

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