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I have a question. Can anyone tell me why someone would declare parameter r like that ?

Whats the difference between Record& r and Record(&r) ?

QDataStream& operator>>(QDataStream &s, Record(&r))

Thanks :)

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Record(&r) and Record &r are identical type declarations. I don't know why somebody would include the parentheses except for stylistic reasons. Perhaps it's some cruft left over from a refactoring?

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My guess is that the author is having a style war with someone over what the & goes with (parameter name or parameter type) and decided to reinforce his view with parens. – T.E.D. Sep 20 '10 at 18:27
It was just an example from a book. Thanks for your help – Seba Sep 20 '10 at 19:24

As Richard said Record (&r) and Record &r are equivalent. So the important difference is how effectively they communicate the intent of programmer. I personally prefer Record& r over Record &r because I like to separate the type from the name. That said, I would avoid the Record (&r) because it looks so similar to the syntax for function types. For example, Record (&r)() would declare r as a reference to a function such as the following.

Record f() { }
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