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Trying to make a generic PL/SQL procedure to export data in specific XML format, e.g. Excel XML. Let's say the procedure accepts a string with the SELECT query to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.

This requires access to data types of each column of the resulting rowset, which -- seeing as the procedure is to be generic -- is only known after the query is run.

I have tried an approach with a temporary table, but for the procedure to compile the table must exist and have its structure known at compile time.

How can I next process the rows and columns of an EXECUTE IMMEDIATE result in a double loop that analyzes the type of each value and emits an appropriate piece of XML?

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You can't do that with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE. You'll have to use the more powerful (and more complex) DBMS_SQL package - I've linked you to the DESCRIBE_COLUMNS procedure, which is especially relevant.

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Ya, that should work. – EvilTeach Dec 17 '08 at 19:22

Or query ALL_TAB_COLS to get the column datatype.

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I had the same thought at first, but if the input is the full query, e.g. 'SELECT a, b, c FROM some_table', then you would have to parse out the column names from the query. Using DBMS_SQL is probably better since you can have Oracle do the parsing for you. – Dave Costa Dec 17 '08 at 21:24

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